Adult Bible Fellowships

Sunday Mornings

Grow in your understanding and application of God’s Word as you connect with others on a Sunday Morning.

New On-site ABFs beginning on November 8th.

1 Peter: Hope in Darkness

This study is a manifesto of hope for living faithfully no matter how dark the times.

9:30 am Growing & Middle Adults (ages 25-55) in the Gym

9:30 am Ambassador (ages 55 plus) in the Adult Learning Center (ALC-A)

Grandparenting Elective: Grace-based Grandparenting

"Grace-based Grandparenting: Discovering the Secrets to Heart Connection" is based on Tim Kimmel's DVD series.

9:30 am Elective (any grandparent or grandparent-to-be) in the Fellowship Hall (FH-2 & FH-3)

Colossians: A group collaborative study

9:30 am Converge (post high school through 30, single & couples) in the Fellowship Hall (FH-1)

Elijah: Living Securely in an Insecure World 

8:15 am ABF (all adults) in the ALC-A

10:45 am Online/Onsite Hybrid ABF (All adults) - ALC-A and online

       To join the online ABF, please use the following info:

       Join Zoom Meeting (audio & video)

      Join Zoom Meeting (audio only) 301-715-8592, Meeting ID: 471 490 5488

 10:45 am Ladies Class in the Fellowship Hall (FH-6)