Adult Bible Fellowship

Sunday Mornings - September 12 thru November 21

Grow in your understanding and application of God’s Word as you connect with others on a Sunday Morning.

The Exodus from Egypt 

     8:15 am CrossGen ABF (all adults) in the ALC-A

     Teachers:  Carl Martin, Ray Rambo

     9:30 am Ambassadors (ages 55 plus) in the ALC-B
     Teachers:  Gordon Donaldson, John Hart, Dan Scheuerlein

     9:30 am Growing & Middle Adults (ages 25-55) in the Gym
     Teachers:  Andy Musser, John Hoffman, Josh Sensenig 

     10:45 am ABF (All adults) in the ALC-B - On-site and on-line (To download the Zoom software, please see Zoom Info at the bottom of the page)
     Teachers:  Don Aldrich, Larry Van Etten, Irv Wenger


     10:45 am Ladies Class in FH-6
     Teachers:  Sarah Brown, Melissa Horning, Jane Jackson

Tony Evans Elective Series - A 6-part video series of 1 John followed by a 4-part video series called Watch Your Mouth

     9:30 am (all adults) in the Fellowship Hall (FH 2 & FH3)
     Teachers:  Tom Carr, Rick Culp, Rob Musser

Hebrews - A group collaborative study

     9:30 am Converge (post high school through 30, single & couples) in the Fellowship Hall (FH-1)
     Led by:  Matt Trego, Brian Conroy


Zoom Info: You'll need to download (free) the Zoom software to your computer and then use the unique meeting IDs provided below.

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**You'll be able to stream the service during the premiere or access it at a later date and time, and please share the service with family and friends to be encouraged by the truth of God's word.