Adult Bible Fellowships

Sunday Mornings

Join one of these groups and grow in your understanding and application of God’s Word.


SPRING: APRIL 8 - MAY 27, 2018

Choose a group and time from the following options:


Making Space – Exploring Proverbs for What Matters Most

In this study, you will glean wisdom from Proverbs and the life of Jesus to help you avoid unfulfilling busyness and devote your time to the pursuits that matter most.  

See video link for more information.


9:40-10:30 am – Growing Adults (ages 25-55, couples and singles) meets in the FLC (Gym)

      Teachers:  Josh Sensenig, Fred Umble, Nelson Yoder


9:40-10:30 am – CrossGen-2 (ages 18+) meets in the ALC-B

      Teachers:  Mark Blest, Dave Horst, Lee Shaffer


Angels: Standing Guard

In this study, you will explore what the Bible really says about angels, including their ministry to God and their ministry to people.


8:30-9:20 am – CrossGen-1 (ages 18+) meets in the ALC-A

       Teachers:  Merv Horst, Carl Martin, Ray Rambo


9:40-10:30 am – Ambassadors (ages 55+) meets in the ALC-A

       Teachers:  John Hart, Rob Musser, Larry Van Etten


10:45-11:35 am – CrossGen-3 (ages 18+) meets in the ALC-B

        Teachers:  Denny Brodhecker, Paul Hartline, Gene Horst, Larry Van Etten


10:45-11:35 am – Women’s Elective meets in the ALC-A

        Teachers:  Melissa Horning, Jane Jackson, Sharon Shearer


Converge (New ABF Group)

This group is for post-high school through age 30, singles and couples. In this group, there is an emphasis on prayer, topical dialogue and fellowship.

Topic:  Forgotten God – Remembering Our Crucial Need for the Holy Spirit,


Time: 9:40-10:30 am

Location: Room #22 (in the Fellowship Hall)

Facilitators:  Matt Trego and others