Adult Bible Fellowships

Sunday Mornings

Grow in your understanding and application of God’s Word as you connect with others on a Sunday Morning. New classes beginning April 28.



walk with christ
















This study looks at nine New Testament texts, exploring the biblical theme of "walking" with Christ and helping us to live in step with the Holy Spirit.

AT 8:15 AM

Cross-Gen 1 (For ages 18+): ALC-A
Teachers: Carl Martin, Ray Rambo, Merv Horst

AT 9:30 AM

Growing Adults (For ages 18-35): Gym
Teachers: Andy Musser, Josh Sensenig, Nelson Yoder

Middle Adults (For ages 35-55): FH-3
Teachers: Tom Carr, Micah Durling, Fred Umble

Ambassador (For ages 55+): ALC-A
Teachers: John Hart, Gene Horst, Rob Musser

Cross-Gen 2 (For ages 18+): ALC-B
Teachers: Dave Horst,  Larry Van Etten, John Hart, Mike Martin

AT 10:45 AM

Cross-Gen 3 (For ages 18+): ALC-B
Teachers: Denny Brodhecker, Gordon Donaldson, Paul Hartline, Larry Van Etten

Women's Elective (For ages 31+): FH-1
Teachers: Faye Hertzler, Melissa Horning, Jane Jackson


The 10 Commandments
What they mean. Why they matter. Why we should obey them. What do they mean in light of God's mercy revealed in Jesus?
(For post-high school through age 30, singles and couples): Room 2
Teacher: Matt Trego & others