Adult Bible Fellowships

Sunday Mornings

Join one of these groups and grow in your understanding and application of God’s Word.

Winter ABF Mini-Series: series sessions run from January 14 through March 25, 2018.

This Adult Bible Fellowship series includes the following options:


Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit - Features a short video by Francis Chan.

9:40-10:30 am -  Converge (NEW ABF GROUP, for post-high school through age 30 - singles & couples)

Location: Room #22 (in the Fellowship Hall)

Facilitators: Matt Trego, Clay Lehman, Isaac Martin, Jon Rohrbaugh



Galatians: Why God Accepts Us - The human acceptance we long for often comes only if we are attractive, smart, wealthy, or powerful. And God's standards seem even higher.  We think we must work harder, live better, pray longer, and witness to more people to get on God's good side.  In this study of Galatians, we will discover that the true source of our acceptance is Jesus Christ.

Four different Groups of adults meeting at three different times

8:30-9:20 am - CrossGen-1 (age 18+)

Location: ALC-A

Teachers: Merv Horst, Carl Martin, Ray Rambo

9:40-10:30 am - Growing Adults (age 25-55)

Location: FLC (Gym)

Teachers: Micah Durling, Andy Musser, Josh Sensenig, Fred Umble

9:40-10:30 am - Ambassador (age 55+)

Location: ALC-A

Teachers: Gordon Donaldson, Gene Horst, Rob Musser

9:40-10:30 am - CrossGen-2 (age 18+)

Location: ALC-B

Teachers: Rick Culp, John Hart, Dave Horst, Larry Van Etten

10:45-11:35 am - CrossGen-3 (age 18+)

Location: ALC-B

Teachers: Gordon Donaldson, Paul Hartline, Jim Hertzler, Larry Van Etten

10:45-11:35 am - Ladies Class (age 18+)

Location: ALC-A

Teachers: Faye Hertzler, Melissa Horning, Jane Jackson, Sharon Shearer