Building Program


Building Updates

IT'S HAPPENING! The new Children's Wing is underway! This addition will give us a secure and enhanced environment for our children's programs. It will then permit us to update and refine other portions of our building to better meet our needs for adult education space.





Special Giving Sundays

We have reached our goal of raising $500,000!  Many thanks for your prayers and gifts.

From this point forward, all gifts to the building program will help towards reducing the amount borrowed and funding the other projects in the overall plan.  Please use the building project envelopes to insure the gift is properly deposited. 

The videos below explain the objectives of our building program.  Some of the details of the design have been refined since the graphics were produced.



Exterior View - July 2017

Church Building - Part 1 - History

Church Building - Part 2 - Generations

Church Building - Part 3 - Congregational Presentation



First Floor Children's Wing


Second Floor Children's Wing