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We want this page to be a place where you can find resources to help your teen.  As we get things up and running, we hope to update this page on a weekly basis.



Busy life:

Do you have a hard time balancing sports and Church? Do you feel like your life is running from one thing to another and you can't breath. I know this struggle as a player. I also feel the tension of being a coach and being a youth pastor. I want my students at both but that is not always possible. Here is a great article for any sports family out there. Enjoy.…

Gender and sexuality: 

With everything in the news about Bruce (Caitly) Jenner, how should we respond as Believers? How should you respond if you students tells you they struggle with gender identity?…

Dating and Relationships: 

This is a good read about dating relationships. A fresh new perspective. I know this is a "hot" topic in our homes. Maybe this will be a breath of fresh air.…

Sadly we all know the pain of being broken up with. This artilce helps us sorth through those feelings and helps identify the lies we tell ourselves after a hard break up. Know the truth about yourself in the good time and bad. God created you to be significant!

Social Media: 

This article is a great reminder to be in the moment. As the missions team has come back from NYC and people ask us how it was pictures and videos do not do it justice. I am glad we have picture and videos to help tell the story but when I think about this past trip it was the ever present moment that I remember. Talking to Mark, seeing our students truly worship our God, seeing the excitement of 3 guys as they told me they just prayed with a guy who just accepted Christ, these are the moments that a camera will not capture. I wish a picture was worth a thousand words but a thousand words are not enough to tell the story of God's goodness to us in NYC. My question to you is, "What moments have you missed because you were trying to capture them?" Maybe we need to just enjoy the moment. Nothing theological and nothing philosophical, just the reality that we might have missed something by trying to take a picture of it or trying to post it. I hope this article helps us remember to live in the moment and be willing to miss a picture so we can live the life God has called us to.


This article is great for stuents and parents. Read it and be warned. We area called to a Gospel of Grace. Grace was shown to us and we need to show it to others. May we use rightous anger in the correct context and at the right moments which should be few and far between.…


Is suicide an unpardonable sin? A question I get asked often by our students. This is a great article that helps us think through this issue. I hope is that our thoughts on hard issues like this will be open to think of different scenarios. Hard questions should never have easy answers. Lets use Scripture as our foundation.…

Church Life: 

I think this article is fill of truth. What in your life do you need to confess and change? What does the church as a whole need to repent from?