From an Islamic Leader and Teacher to an Evangelist for Christ

Dr. Daniel Shayesteh

Dr. Daniel Shayesteh is an Iranian immigrant who arrived in Australia with his family in November 1991. Daniel is married to Mary and they have three daughters. He is Director of the inter-denominational organization, “Exodus from Darkness.”

Daniel was deeply involved in the Iranian Fundamentalist Revolution (1979) as a leading Muslim political leader and teacher of Islam and religious philosophy after the Revolution. He speaks three middle-eastern languages (Farsi, Turkish and Azerbaijani) and is an accomplished poet. He was saved wonderfully through Christ, when he escaped to Turkey after falling out of favor with Khomeini's political group. On his arrival in Australia, Daniel sought fellowship with Christians from Islamic backgrounds. In 1994 he commenced theological studies at Morling Bible College and also started an Iranian church with some Iranian Christians.

He has a PhD in International Management, with a major in cultures, religions and philosophical beliefs which he completed in Turkey. Daniel also lectured as a part time professor in the University of Technology, Sydney, for eight years. Daniel’s deeper knowledge about beliefs and cultures and his passion for Christ have made his evangelistic approach very influential. He has spoken to thousands of people around the world and has had satellite television presentations to millions of Muslims in the world. He speaks openly and boldly about Christ and encourages those who hear him to do the same. Daniel’s testimony is a multi-dimensional message that tells about his life and world view in Islam, his encounter with Christ, and the theological and philosophical journey that has led him to his position today as a Christian apologist and evangelist.